Single Use St Martins Forceps
Single Use St Martins Forceps

"Quality Assured Single Use Instruments"


UK distributor of medical devices supplying, NHS and Private Sector. We always provide the very best in terms of quality, pricing and service and are quickly establishing ourselves as the “go to” company for your medical device solutions.

With a combined experience of over 60 years supplying the healthcare sector through different avenues, all of our staff have an in depth knowledge of our product range and how we can deliver a quality solution whilst offer savings.
Focusing initially on the electro-surgical arena with the likes of single use bipolar forceps and laparoscopic monopolar forceps, we have steadily grown into other areas utilising the knowledge of the people who work for us, making our company diverse and adaptable.

PDF Catalogue

2018 Medical Disposables catalogue will be available shortly and distributed by one of our Business Managers. Alternatively download now from the below link. 

Beaded Blast Finish

Beaded blast finish helps to reflect any glare from a light source and is a distinguishing feature within our single use range, along with precision, quality and continuity of supply.

Reusable Devices

Due to increased demand we have introduced reusable devices & instruments within the portfolio. Manufactured to the highest quality with a comprehensive guarantee, supplied at a competitive price

Single Use Finger Switch Pencil

 New Product Launches

Due to our ability to adapt as a company we are always receiving requests for new procedure packs and products.


Check back here regularly for new product launches.

Single Use Fish Bone Removal Forceps
Single Use Extra Fine Toothed St Martins Forceps Single Use Extra Fine Toothed St Martins Forceps
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Medical Disposables are a distributor of quality Single Use and Reusable Electro-Surgery and instrumentation devices to the NHS and Private Healthcare.